With multiple encouragements I joined the efforts in the Endrucks 1920 project being run by Muskaan and Ninetta Caruso. A lot of different tatters joined the effort early on and it has grown significantly. There is a facebook group for participants. 

I dipped my toes in with a motif pulled from pattern #17. Which I really liked in Lizbeth metallic. I printed Muskaan's Lace Day earrings/Pendant and left the internet behind. :)  After completing the motif I thought it would make a nice snowflake. But I was late to the party on this idea as others before me had already tatted  it up and had variations of work as well. And that pattern is offered as a gift to those who participate in the project. In my distracted skimming and then separation from the facebook group I missed this. 

I sketched out my imaginings and went to work. It ends up being different from the one already dreamed up. My scheme works in one single pass (round) and connects complete motifs around. I'm delighted by this because if I can avoid cut and tie in multiple rounds I am all for it. It cups a bit so it can easily be used for other 3D projects but when blocked the center chains wiggle a little looking like a flower. 

Then I wondered what it would be like to flip the motif and do it inverse. I pictured it out on the computer first and omitted redundant rings and then walked through the pattern working order in my head and then with thread. This one didn't work quite as well the first pass. I need to adjust the side rings connecting the motifs. The cupping on this one was not as useful. It reminds me of a turtle. 

It does make my mind wander on the possibilities of upending other snowflake patterns. 

I ended up cutting open a few split rings,   settling the motifs more naturally and then laid individually tatted split rings into the design to see which filled the gap best. This produced the count I have now. The PDF can be accessed through this link. Many thanks to Muskaan for proofing the Pdf and giving me helpful feedback. 
If you give it a try please don’t hesitate to give feedback. 




muskaan said...

Firstly, I am so glad you returned and actively joined and contributed to our Project and FB group! 💞 It is always a pleasure seeing your impeccable tatting, and evolution of ideas in tatted lace. 🥰 I love the slightly organic look of petals the 1st, and the myriad motif possibilities in the 2nd.

God's Kid said...

They look great!! :)
The cupped ones could possibly go on ornaments like some people used them, maybe add some beads to dangle too. ;)
I like the center of the mostly white one being slightly swirled, it makes me think of a poinsettia flower, so the center could be done in yellow or gold and the "petals" in red and the outside in green, white, silver or gold for a Christmas decoration. Of course that means figuring out color placement and not being able to tat in one pass. ;)

AgaszArt said...

Piękne obie wersje, ale ta jasna z kwiatem w środku jest cudna😍

Margarets designer cards said...

Yes I am the same with this project I have some ideas on a pattern but so far not been able to produce anything, its all in the brain, your earring is lovely love your design