Whale Doodle

 If I was still putting Tatties on my baby I would call this a Whale Tattie. But that child is now almost 14 and when tatters make small items to use up extra thread left on shuttles it's also called a doodle. In 2017 I was clearing blue off a shuttle to make some roses. I scribbled the pattern notation on my scrap papers and posted the day's work to Instagram and then it was forgotten about until I got an email asking about the whale and I decided it was time to correctly notate the pattern. I have included it here for you. The original doodle I accidentally cut the large water spout picot when I was cutting off the ends. When revisiting it I cut it again because I thought I did it on purpose, and then remembered the error with my notes. I have just completed the TIAS for the year with Jane Eborall and she used twisted picots and while tatting the doodle from notes to check pattern I thought it would be nice with a slightly twisted picot. But it was late and I needed to get to bed so I posted the doodles and went to bed. Great minds think alike because this morning I awoke to a comment on the picture that suggested a twisted picot. So I added the option to the instructions because it is a great variation. If you tat a whale please give me a shout out. I would love to see yours. 

Click below for a printable PDF, as always, please credit designer. 


muskaan said...

You got it perfect!!! 🐳🐳🐳 I scrolled back to your older Tatties, and WOW! You should publish a book with all those patterns! Seriously.
It was also great to see how your kids have now grown into such splendid individuals 😍

Margarets designer cards said...

I agree with Muskaan, love your whale