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But I like this for hosting my free patterns and design works. 

But here is some eye candy for the last few quiet months. I finished the TIAs and was delighted with the little fox bookmark. I want to design a rabbit to go with it. Probably because since December when we randomly saw the Uncle Remus Museum on our winter trip with the kids and made sure to stop in on the return trip home. We educated them on the tales as we drove so when we came back they would have some appreciation like my husband and I do from our youth seeing Song of the South. So glad we made it a priority to add to our trip. It is such a neat place and the experience was made all the sweeter by Miss Georgia who guided our tour. I was so grateful when she introduced herself that my kids withheld the fact that our dog is also named Georgia. That's not always received well. 

On the bookmark I made in the TIAS, I had a little error where I swapped the thread colors. So I made another with correct coloring as a gift. 

I love how cute the fox head is sticking out of the copy of the Complete Uncle Remus Tales. We got the original text and my husband has been reading it out loud to the family. In some ways we have had to learn a whole new language. The audio book we listened to in order to familiarize the kids with the stories had modernized text. That was the right choice as an introduction, but I'm glad we got the original text for the home library. 
I then started a project where I really was just trying to make sure I was being creative in some way fulfilling to me each day. That produced a few small tatted motifs. 
3D tatted heart, pattern by Birgit Phelps adapted by @mad.jar.tatting

Rose motif and stitches halved by Inevavae

Shamrock Icedrop from Marti J Copenhaver

Snowdrift Snowflake by the Shade Tree Designer

Flurry Snowflake pattern by The Shade Tree Designer

Clover with thread remnants and no particular pattern

Rose and bud, my patterns. 

Triple Play pattern by Elaine P. Gan

Pattern by inevavae

rose with calyx (my free pattern)

made to replace a lost earring

As well as some crochet projects, I'm still new at it but find projects that help me grow in confidence. 
7 day Sampler Pattern from the Crochet Crowd

Metal crochet pattern from a library book a friend lent me

Shark backpack and mini shark stuffie 

Then I started focusing on making little water colors and other medium sized paintings. Which, now I am learning something I never learned in college painting classes. Varnish and medium. That feels like a glaring omission. Whatever, thanks to the internet I am still learning. 

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Jane McLellan said...

Wonderful eye candy! Yes, the internet is a marvelous resource for ongoing learning.