A Valentine for you

A while back I was looking for a rose pattern to tat. A friend had requested rose bookmarks for her two emergent readers. I went hunting for a pattern assuming there would already be one,  I found Vicki Clarke's rose and liked the premise but needed a bit different angle for what I had in mind. You can find Vicki's rose here. Since her original pattern was free I figured my adaptations would be too. It has been a long time in the making getting it ready to share though. I had my pattern notes and good intentions to diagram it and lay it out in PDF and had reminders as people kept asking for it. however, I rarely sit down to the computer these days and some things I just have to do at the computer. Add in a myriad of other things in life, sickness, and technology and here we are over a year later. That's embarrassing.
So it came up again and I decided it was time to get moving on it. I started to lay it out but found days going by without more work on it. Enter Muskaan who has delighted me with her "how else can it be accomplished" and "look what else you can do with this" etc. Seriously take a look at her blog. She contacted me and offered to help me on it. At first I was like, "naw, I'm a graphic designer, I can do this." Then I remembered that can and doing and done are different things. Besides it's always good to have a test tatter and another set of eyes looking at and proofing. And I couldn't have had a better set of eyes on it. Muskaan asked the right questions and we reorganized the method of tatting the pattern. It can be done with shuttle and ball as I originally did it based off of Vicki's pattern or it can be done quite simply with two shuttles CTM. I decided to use the latter for the pattern instructions. 
Over the course of all this I have tatted the rose part a number of times and then added options like a stem with a bud and a version for earrings. These are also on the pdf. There are so many more options, a bigger leaf, thicker stem etc. etc. So put your own touch on it, and then come back and share it with me. I'd love to see it! So get to the good part right? See the PDF below. If you tat this item please make sure you give credit where it is due, and for the love if you pin it, make sure it links back to the source! Happy Valentine's Day! Share the love. 


muskaan said...

It is a Delightful and Beautiful adaptation and extension ! Thank you for sharing it. I enjoyed every moment of it :-)

Karen said...

Coretta, you have made such a lovely adaption. Muskaan, you made it easier for me to follow the pattern. Thank you, Ladies for being generous with the fun, useful, free Valentine.

Margarets designer cards said...

Beautiful roses, thank you for sharing such a gorgeous pattern

Unknown said...

Thank you for the pattern 😊 The rose is gorgeous ❤

Barbara Gordon said...

Beautiful flowers/roses. Thanks forsharing. Love your work..!