Chokers are making their come back, which I love. You can get oodles of cheap plastic chokers or you can get something special. 

Here are a few of the designs I’ve tatted up in the last while. They are available and more in my Etsy store. If you see something you love but want it in a different color let me know! I’d be happy to make something custom for you. All custom orders require a $20 deposit.

Right now I’m working on one adapted from a pattern from 1921. If you’d like to see more up to date works I post on Instagram @corettadeesign much more frequently than I blog these days. 


Glass Adventures

Recently I have been working with glass as well as my tatting adventures. This has been something I have long wanted to do and though I have done stained glass I wanted to try glass fusing. I love making the glass sandwiches and sharing in the experience with others. So when I have extended visitors I often rope them into making their own glass pieces. Throwing aside all the "I'm not artistic comments." The best part of glass is that if it doesn't quite turn out you can cut it up, re-layer and fuse it again to make something else.  It's always awesome to see the transformation of the glass. Here are a few examples. Including ones that I guided others through making. To purchase finished pieces you can contact me directly or see what I currently have listed on my Etsy page. I don't have all of them listed there so if you see something that catches your eye let me know and I'll see if it is still available. I post current artistic adventures on my instagram account.

 A very subtle black dirchroic glass with blue,

 This was a set I helped my sister make. She only wanted earrings until she saw the pendant I made to match them. :)

 I love the little glass stud earrings, one of my new favorite pieces of jewelry.
This was obviously not a fusing job, but a way to preserve a loved one's handwritten recipe for a dear friend. I sandwiched it between glass and soldered it together for a wall hanging.
I've done something similar with some antique tatting another friend found and gave to me. Of course I had to give her the pick of the three pieces. 

Bolo ties are something I have made quite a few of. Making them was inspired by my youngest son's love for his primary church teacher who wore bolo ties frequently. My son wanted one too. So I helped him make one for himself and for his teacher as a Christmas present. Too bad we didn't get a picture of them wearing their bolo ties together before he moved.
 Bolo ties designed by my sons.

 My youngest son wearing his bolo tie that he designed.
This fused and then slumped dish was a fun first try. 
 Slumped IBC bottles make awesome and fun spoon rests.
 And to think it mostly all starts something like this little glass sandwich.


Integrity Doily

I was asked once what shape my name was.
What color is it?

Think about it what color would your name be? What shape?

I decided my name would be a yellow triangle. I don't even like yellow, not really. But that's what it sounds like. It has sharp sounds like a triangle and is unique and bright, it kinda sends up alert flags when you see it for the first time. How many times have I been sitting waiting for roll to be read off and I simply raise my hand when there is a long pause? All my life. I'm good with it.

So when I set a goal to design a doily in tatting for Personal Progress I listed out what that value meant to me in my journal, what color it was, what shape, what it represented, what it was composed of.

Guys, Integrity is purple. It's the royal color, of loyal and royal bloodlines, it's one of the most sought after values in the world. It is the heart of all other virtues and values. It's living your truth, it's living God's standard in everything. I know of one person who had it down solid in their life: Jesus Christ.

Integrity is purple, and it's a triangle. Why a triangle? It represents the Godhead, it represents our relationship to God among other things. To me it is also a knot, an unending knot. A Celtic knot. So in the very center of the doily I created a Celtic knot to build from. Then I encompassed it.
I worked at it.
It took on a triangular shape again. I have it in my head to keep building on it but first I need to write down the pattern already there. For the time being it met the parameters I set for myself to complete the project in time. Now, just like the value it represents I need to keep working at it.

Ceramic Shuttles

Since my first go at making my own ceramic shuttle went so well I decided to try it again.
This time I made 3.


They all work but one is definitely suited for larger thread as the tips don't touch enough for thread size 20 or smaller.

I love the sound they make though. Next time I plan to try a slightly different shape. 


Halloween printable

I needed a new Halloween sign for my mantle  (The neon orange one just didn't go with the grunge we put up this year) and so I threw this together with free vector graphics this morning. It features the last part of Edgar Allan Poe's poem Spirits of the Dead.

Two versions, Large text and smaller text.

Ah, that's what the mantle was missing. I might rearrange it a bit yet and put in the one with large text, but at least all the components are there.


More preschool coloring

Since my last post my 4 year old has drawn me many pictures, she usually does, but some of them have come with the request for me to color them.
Here's the latest: A whimsical lil frog
She also left presents on my bed last night, a picture and a small paper folded and taped shut where she demonstrated that our practice on the letter e's correct formation was totally worth it.


A little Fairy magic

My little Tattie Princess continues to inspire me. The other day while waiting for her older brother I handed her and her little brother paper and pencils to keep them occupied. She drew a sweet picture which I immediately loved and her little brother almost as quickly drew over. I had taken a snap of it on my ipod though before he did. So I used my new wacom tablet to recreate her drawing and add some color etc. I printed out a copy to hang on our little art wall and am excited to see her reaction when she gets home.


Happy 4th Birthday to Tatties! (a birthday giveaway)

Oh goodness me! Four years have I been leaving little 1 inch thread snippings all over the house to vacuum later as I have created butterflies, animals and flowers. All in the name of lace and pretty things.

An artist by heart and education, a mother by choice, has left me to find an outlet that I could easily pick up and set down without much mess and danger to the children. My sister taught me tatting and I happened to use it one day on my newborn instead of a ribbon bow and fell in love.

Tatties are low profile, and adhere to the scalp with a water soluble agent, some favorites:
ky gelly / surgical jely
karo syrup
glue stick
white glue

They can stay on for days, and easily wash off with water and are totally reusable.  Much less cumbersome than the headbands that always made my baby angry. :)

In celebration Tatties will be giving away a Mother & Daughter Tattie Butterfly set (Necklace and matching Tattie) in Hot Pink. 
Tattie jewelry is lightweight and elegant in tons of tiny knots.

I'm going to be a big girl this year and use Rafflecopter.

Mandatory Entries:
      Comment on this blog post if you would keep or give this prize as a gift.
      Be a Fan of Tatties on Facebook
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      Tweet (I don't have a Twitter account but I'll accept the benefits of fans having one! :)

Giveaway starts May 3rd 12am Eastern and will be taking Entries til May 8th 12am.

Have Fun! and Good luck! I will announce the winner on Tattie's facebook page and this here blog. I will also contact the winner directly as best I can, having a legit email associated with your profile would be good. If I do not receive contact and necessary info for sending the prize for 48 hours I will pick another winner.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Piggy Pig Pig Pattern

The pig pattern I set in motion a looong time ago has re-surfaced. I finally gave it some love and test tatted the pattern and typed up a pattern for it. The pattern comes in two versions for how you choose to work: contiguously or in rounds.$3 Contact me via email or find on my Etsy site.
In Rounds



Tatting Bs

I've been working on bookmarks,
Tatted in Lizbeth size 20 colors #647 &#656 Mary Konior Pattern

My original Pattern Tatted in size 10 Aunt Lydia's light Peach

and a baby carriage (The finished product of TIAS).

and next I'll be tatting some Boots.

hmmmm that's a lot of Bs for some reason. Did I tat something that doesn't start with B?


 Bleeding hearts
Adapted from Lori B.'s Pattern

Ball Flowers in blue...

I still want to tat a bumble bee....

 I also finally got my exchange tatted up and sent off. I got the loot on the top and sent off the stuff on the bottom. I love exchanges, it always comes with good ideas, beautiful work and often presents. :)



Here is a catch up post of the last three days of the TIAS over at Jane's Tat it and See game.

I had a busy week/ weekend and did all my catch up last night. Now, to patiently wait for day 10.
I'm guessing it is a baby pram or bassinet for the wee baby royal due this year. If it is I will probably add it to a onesie for one of my pending baby nieces.


up to...

Here is Day 6 of the TIAS.
Can I just say how much I love this HDT? It is so pretty. I love the transitions. It's so natural and smooth. Green Gal from Australia gifted me with it during one of our tatting exchanges. I want more. :)

And I finally stopped oogling at my Mary Konior book Tatting with Visual Patterns and set to work on her pattern Anniversary to make a bookmark.  I love it. I'm making a second. :)