TIAS 2021

 Last year I missed the TIAS. It’s been such a fun thing to look forward to in January. It can’t be a small feat to run it and even prepare for it so I don’t blame her for taking a break. But with this weird year we had and moving into a new one still dealing with things I’m glad that TIAS is back. 

I missed the first few days because I was focused on trying to finish a crochet project. And that didn’t even happen because I ended up getting strep throat. So anything above just taking care of my family was too much. Thankfully with antibiotics I am on the mend and I caught up and we are on to day five. 

If you tat and want to join in the fun hop on over to Jane’s Tias 

This year she linked over to a tutorial she and Tim Kaylor put together for starting two colors without a knot. A very slick and sturdy beginning. And while I have done something similar, this is better. 

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Jane Eborall said...

Oh, I’m pleased you found that tip useful Coretta. I’ve added a link to that page today taking you to a page on how to finish up with just one end to sew in.