A sponge that lives in the sea who goes by Bob

My daughter graduated elementary school this year. She wanted to give her teacher a Spongebob tatted bookmark. Apparently her teacher is a fan. I am not. But that's okay. Of course this was decided with little time to spare and I did ask and look on the tatting groups and forums that I know of. I did see a neat split ring version by Carol Lawecki on Craftree which was very accurate. However I was looking for a more indicative pattern so I decided instead of tracking Carol down and begging her to notate her work I would work out my own. Time was also an issue.

I started tatting yellow squares and then realized he wasn't really square, and modified it to be wider at the top.

It, thankfully, came together pretty fast and I only cut off once, the white shirt row was ring and chains when I decided it would work better as a joined two color effort with floating or thrown rings. 
I would not label this as a beginner pattern, there are things like Catherine Wheel joins, lots of color changes, hiding ends and general positioning of threads that can be tricky to get things going the right direction. This was a picture before hiding all ends. But when family members saw its stringy form in passing they recognized it as SpongeBob so I was pleased with my efforts.  

Obviously this is a free pattern. I have chosen at this point to do long hand directions only. If you have questions please contact me. 

At one point during the school year when I was at the school previous teachers who were recipients of tatted bookmarks were talking about them and my daughter's teacher who is a male commented on wanting a lacy bookmark. He's a jokester and my daughter really enjoyed being in his class this year so I couldn't miss the chance to give a male teacher a bit of lace. 

This was tatted in size 20 Lizbeth thread
colors: 616 Daffodil Medium
692 Mocha Brown Dark
604 Black
601 Snow White
It measures a little over 3 inches tall and 2" wide with arms. I am guessing though as I have given him away and don't feel the need to tat another one at the moment. :)

Also, this pattern has not been test tatted so if you tat it please let me know! Especially let me know if I messed up some where.

Click below for a printable PDF, as always please credit designer. As neither you or I do not own the rights to the character we cannot profit from this design or the use of it. You are welcome to make this item as gifts only.


muskaan said...

Very cute & clever !!! You were able to capture a sense of motion as wwll πŸ‘πŸ’•

Jane McLellan said...

Really well done! I’m not a fan either, but even I could recognize him.

Margarets designer cards said...

Brilliant, Im not a fan but I know any child would love it

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

A very awesome looking Spongebob!! I like how you designed him without using split rings! I'm surprised you were able to find my Spongebob, the website disappeared years ago. I made my Spongebob 2005. Happy Tatting! said...

Cool, i love sponge bob! He's the fry cook of the gods lol...
Thanks for making the pattern and sharing itπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰