Rose methods

As I mentioned last post, there are a few different ways you can go about tatting this rose.
First off, by looking at them you can’t tell a difference visually in the methods so it is really about how you are comfortable tatting it. I can see the benefit of each and depending on what is on my shuttle or how I feel that day would choose any if them over the other.

Method 1
The original way I designed it. Shuttle and Ball.  I just arranged the threads in the right position at the arc changes. A shoelace trick could have maybe should have been used here but it worked so well without it, I didn’t bother. It was smooth and easy and lies flat. No added bulk. A benefit is you only need a small amount of thread wound on a shuttle. 

Method 2 
Per Judith Connor’s suggestion to use the reverse join. It is an easy join. Shuttle and ball. I think it does add a wee bit of extra bulk compared to method 1 but is considered the more proper way of doing it. It does get threads in the right position and lies flat and you only need a small amount of thread wound on a shuttle. 

Method 3
Per Muskaan’s suggestion as she and I worked on getting the pattern ready to share: CTM with 2 shuttles. Of course it also lies flat and you can use the appropriate shuttle at each arc change without issue. I liked this for clarity on diagraming and reading the pattern as you learn to tat it the first go around. It helped keep arc direction more obvious. My only issue is I mismeasured thread getting shuttle in hand and thread source mixed up when I was doing math. I have notated that so I don’t make the same mistake as easily again. 
Have Fun! 
I have stems to tat. 


Madtatter80 said...

Thankyou for the explaining with pictures. I have always worked with two shuttles,found it was less trouble and many times I take my work with me a ball dosent compact well in a purse. Your rose design is lovely and will always keep this as my go to rose pattern💖🌹💖

muskaan said...

Excellent post! It is always great to have options to suit one's style or circumstance.
Your first method is similar to what we did when working in the traditional style. At the time I was not conscious nor aware of a lot of neater tatted lace options.

Margarets designer cards said...

Lovely pattern no matter which way you do it, I planning on doing soon