Valentine variations

When I first adapted Vicki’s “Roses are Red” pattern I used the method she had used (shuttle and ball) to make the adaptation. My early notes looked like this.


by Coretta Loughmiller 

Oct 2016
rw= reverse work 
tw=turn work 
lj=lock join
vsp=very small picot 

R: 5-5 rw 
1Ch:1 vsp 9 lj turn work
2Ch: 4 vsp 12 vsp 3 lj 12 to vsp on ring turn work
3Ch: 6 vsp 21 lj (2nd vsp on ch 2) tw 
4Ch: 8 vsp 19 lj (vsp on ch 3)
5Ch: 3 vsp 9 vsp 4 lj to (1st vsp on ch2) tw
6Ch: 5 (2nd half 2d) turn 3 lj to picot tw 
7Ch: 9 vsp 6 lj 6 vsp 15 vsp 5 lj tw
8Ch: 7 2nd half ds turn 7 lj turn 14 vsp 7 vsp1 lj 2 vsp 13 Tie and cut.

I was just moving the thread where I wanted it at the arc changes. When Muskaan started helping me go through the pattern she suggested 2 shuttles. This always gave you the option of having enough thread in the right direction. It made good sense. We went ahead and diagrammed and layed out the pattern that way. 

Upon posting it on Craftree Judith Connors suggested the reverse join. Therefore being able to use shuttle and ball and not having to wind and unwind shuttles at each arc change. I am pretty sure I have heard of this join and used it, but never put the two together. Sometimes you just do something because it works and you don’t know the name for it. 

I had hopes to try out the pattern using the reverse join before today and share what is great about each method, but I am a mom with 4 kids and a husband that travels, to say the least. So it’s up to you to choose which method suits your knowledge and tatting style. 

In the mean time here are some I tatted using the two shuttle method. All the ones on the previous post used my original adaptation notes and method. 

The great thing is if you have a preference you can tat it according to your preference. As many have said before me, though perhaps different context: 
The knot cares not how it is made. 
Happy Tatting! 

I am trying to pick back up blogging, but in the mean time if you are on Instagram you can find my tatting and other art @corettadeesign

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