Tat it and see

I’ve been participating in Jane Eborall’s Tat it and See game this January.  She has put out that it shall be her last year doing it, and while I can understand it, I sure hope it’s not. Her patterns in this form have given me split ring practice when I was new to it and “forced” me to learn other methods along the way in a fun and well paced environment. She’s helpful and responsive. Her other website is a wealth of knowledge and one of my go to places when I forget or need to learn how to do something.

At this point I’m fairly certain we are making a mermaid, but we shall see. If so, mines a bit creepy with blue skin and black eyes. 

I take a screen shot of the pattern page and take a picture of my work completed for each day and collage them together using the app pic•collage. 

So here is my progress day by day so far. 

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