Tattie Designs

I keep thinking that I have gathered all the designs for a picture... then I take a picture and realize how many I have forgotten to include.
So here is an example of SOME of the designs anyway that are available. You can request colors as well.

All designs are my own except for the owl and stars, which for the most part are variations of the original pattern. I have received permission from the creators of the pattern to sell the work I do from the pattern's variation. If I have omitted someone's credit it is in no intention of malice. As for the flowers and the butterflies, most of them are so common in tatting know-how, that I doubt anyone can really claim creation over someone else. The wreath is included in this. I may be wrong on this point but I have seen these standard designs so often in tatting that I don't think I am. This is often the case with small motifs such as are utilized by Tatties for instance; I will come up with something that is new to me and then a few month's later see it, or something very similar somewhere. A good example of this is the pumpkin. I created my version and about 4 months later was looking at old Tatting magazines and found a pumpkin that looked very similar, it had different methodology but the end result was comparable.

If a fellow tatter is interested in my Patterns for purchase please contact me.

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Valerie said...

I was at Emily Rocks place last night and was looking at her college photos and low and behold, there was Coretta! I think that is so cool that we have an aquaintence. What a small world it is!