THe WinNerS!

Okee Dokey Folks!

I suppose I wasn't clear on commenting on the blog post and on the comment form on the bottom. ...and since my blog imports to facebook, I had a facebook entry too.  Considering the mess of my life after moving cross country, this is not surprising, at least to me... So I decided to include all entries, however they came. I assigned entries a number based on the order they came in.

It went like this:
1 Cori (comment form)
2 Kelly (facebook)
3 Morgan (blog)
4 Kendra (blog)
5 Kat (blog)
6 Mariposa (blog)
7 Jel (blog)
8 Karen (blog)
9 Danielle (blog)
10 Julie (blog)
11 Klemm (blog)
12 Angie (blog)
13 Lyudmila (comment form)
14 Sassy2 (blog)
15 Jessica  (comment form)
16 BigMamma (blog)
17 Carrie (comment form)

There were 17 entries (I did a bad job of promoting this giveaway I guess... :)
The Tattie Sets were also given a number since I didn't want to choose. said the first Winner is:

#2 Kelly

She gets this one

and the second winner is.....
#8 Karen

Who gets this one:

 This one has been shifting around in my inventory box for the past year or so waiting to be given away. I know it's going to a good home. :)

Since my winners are also returning customers I know where to ship them, so don't worry about contacting me. I will ship them out to you tomorrow. CONGRATS!

Thanks all for participating and watch for anther give away for Tatties' third birthday. :)
I might get around to another one before then... we'll see.

Just a reminder:
Tatties coupon code F1M0A is good for 10 % off  @ my Etsy store valid till the end of April.


Karen Marie said...

Wahoo! really does know I exist, after all. Once again, Happy Birthday, Tatties.

Valerie said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. Can I bookmark you on mine? It's fun to see all your creations.

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

Your comment on one of my posts led me to visit your blog. I'm so impressed with your small business idea. In fact, I posted your blog address on the InTatters Forum so others can see what you are doing. Great idea!