Bookmark Exchange

I recently participated in an online forum for Tatting InTatters' exchange. I used a pattern that was the first pattern I ever tatted a bookmark from. It is from the book by the staff of work basket magazine. It is on page 55 called Whirls and Swirls bookmark.

I have tatted it many times since and still love it. I have given most of them away. However, prompted by a thread on inTatters I plan to tat this a few more times in different variations of the two colors to see how it changes the look of the same pattern. I don't have a lot of tat time lately so it is slow progress but here is a picture of the bookmark I completed and sent to a fellow tatter.

and the bookmark I got in return for the exchange.

Since the pattern he used was a free pattern he thoughtfully printed out a copy to share with me.

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