Bookworm Paperclip bookmark

A few years ago I was using a tiny notebook 3x3.5 for tatting notes and wanted a bookmark for it.
This little bookworm was born. It is a free pattern, but be kind and please credit designer and share from this source. Please no online sales of complete work bookworm.

R: 6——6 rw
Ch: 5 attach to paper clip and turn by doing half ds unflipped 5 turn again by doing other half of ds unflipped 6 attach to paper clip turn 5 and second half of DS unflipped and cut
I have tied knots at the tip of each antenna as well. 
Pattern by Coretta Loughmiller in September 2015


muskaan said...

Ooo, so cute!! Love the sense of movement. Thanks for the pattern. A sure shuttle-emptier ...

Madtatter80 said...

This is adorable I love him, thank you for the patternšŸŒ»

Margarets designer cards said...

Cute great idea and looks very real with the moment