Glass Adventures

Recently I have been working with glass as well as my tatting adventures. This has been something I have long wanted to do and though I have done stained glass I wanted to try glass fusing. I love making the glass sandwiches and sharing in the experience with others. So when I have extended visitors I often rope them into making their own glass pieces. Throwing aside all the "I'm not artistic comments." The best part of glass is that if it doesn't quite turn out you can cut it up, re-layer and fuse it again to make something else.  It's always awesome to see the transformation of the glass. Here are a few examples. Including ones that I guided others through making. To purchase finished pieces you can contact me directly or see what I currently have listed on my Etsy page. I don't have all of them listed there so if you see something that catches your eye let me know and I'll see if it is still available. I post current artistic adventures on my instagram account.

 A very subtle black dirchroic glass with blue,

 This was a set I helped my sister make. She only wanted earrings until she saw the pendant I made to match them. :)

 I love the little glass stud earrings, one of my new favorite pieces of jewelry.
This was obviously not a fusing job, but a way to preserve a loved one's handwritten recipe for a dear friend. I sandwiched it between glass and soldered it together for a wall hanging.
I've done something similar with some antique tatting another friend found and gave to me. Of course I had to give her the pick of the three pieces. 

Bolo ties are something I have made quite a few of. Making them was inspired by my youngest son's love for his primary church teacher who wore bolo ties frequently. My son wanted one too. So I helped him make one for himself and for his teacher as a Christmas present. Too bad we didn't get a picture of them wearing their bolo ties together before he moved.
 Bolo ties designed by my sons.

 My youngest son wearing his bolo tie that he designed.
This fused and then slumped dish was a fun first try. 
 Slumped IBC bottles make awesome and fun spoon rests.
 And to think it mostly all starts something like this little glass sandwich.

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