Ceramic Shuttle

I am so ridiculously excited about this.

It's been a long time in process. I didn't have much hope when I started it but thought it was worth a shot anyway. The kids and I were hand building some clay LAST YEAR in August and I roughly fashioned a tatting shuttle.

 See that lil thing in the middle of the tray...
Fast forward a month till I fired it to bisque and then fast forward a year and a few months till I got around to glazing it and re-firing it. Since I didn't expect it to work I didn't do a particularly careful job of finishing and smooth it. I was more concerned about placement of the tips because that is important in tatting and when you glaze it, that's really important in it not fusing together.
Wanna see?!
It all came out so well! The tip tension is perfect and it makes the most adorable "tink tink" sound when I wind the thread on and off it. It holds a lot of thread and is very comfortable to tat with.

It is A LOT of work and I was lucky to have it come out so well on my first try. I am so thrilled with it though. I'm kinda  itchy to try it again. :)

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Margarets designer cards said...

Looks very nice I like the pattern you put in the shuttle.