Last year I started Jane's TIAS ( and got stuck on about day seven. This was in part due to the SCMR, but as I have not had issues with them in the past I think it has more to do with my worry over my youngest son's health as he had just been diagnosed with cancer. By the time he was operated on and the remaining kidney and its softball sized tumor was removed the game had closed and I'd set aside my UFO (unfinished object) to put our lives back together. After a few months we received the final diagnosis that the polycysticlocularnefroma was totally benign. God has blessed us profusely and as the past year has wound to a close I cannot express my love for God's mercy and the joy I have had in being able to continue to raise this little boy and have been able to avoid all the extra fuss actually having cancer would have brought into our lives. As it was, it was quite enough for me to handle. Prayers are answered, miracles happen.

So as we come around to January again and I am excited to start this year's TIAS it was time to pull out he UFO and finish it. I watched a few videos on youTube on self closing mock rings and then got it on my first go around. I enjoyed tatting up the rest of the pattern to completion and am happy to present to you, Rita the Pink Goat. Since it has a horn it should probably be male huh? Oh well.

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