Cow and Pig Tatting

I recently just finished a custom request.

In the process I had been searching first to see if patterns that suited the request already existed. The closest thing I found was a picture on Rozella Linden's blog of a baby pig done with celtic tatting. I hunted her down and sent her hunting for the pattern that she hadn't published yet. She was awesome about sharing it with me. I WILL try to learn cluny (which is a technique that she uses on the pig's ear) but I haven't yet. I was able to figure out the Celtic weave though and that has sent me looking for more Celtic tatting fun.

As lovely as Rozella's pig was it was a bit too complex for the usage of a Tattie. So inspired by Rozella I created a simplified version for which the pattern is currently being test tatted. For my fellow tatters I will post it here when it is ready for purchase. Please see for the update on this pattern.

The next item up for design was a cow. I had to start from square one on this. When I told my husband (who was a gem about looking at the designs over and over and helping me modify them) what it was for he was so shocked. But they turned out so stinkin' cute, if I do say so myself and no, I don't normally think cows are cute. I used to milk them growing up. I know their dark inner stupidity...

Moving right along: I am totally loving this cow. I have a huge urge to tat a crescent moon and sew it and Bess (this is the cows name) on a onesie for my six month old little boy.

And now the two barn yard friends are listed waiting to go to their new home.


Cori said...

Incredibly cute! You are so talented.

Andy Porter said...

Those are SOOOO adorable!! Oh my word! I'm in love with those little guys! Too cute.