Tatted Heart Pattern

I began designing Tatting Patterns with this heart. My cousin had seen my baby wearing a red star tattie and found someone local to teach her to tat as she had just recently had a baby girl as well. She got very excited about Tatties and wanted a heart. She commented that the star (which is a Sharon Albers' pattern) would be a good start for the point of the heart. I agreed and we discussed. I can't really remember where it fell into my hands but I tried all sorts of things and came up with what I thought worked the best: over and over and over.

Recently there was a discussion on inTatters about small hearts. And I shared a picture of mine. I was willing to share the pattern but I have never written out patterns for anyone else before. I just have them in my trusty notebook and I know what the notes mean so when Sheron offered to test tat it for me I let her.

She brought up some interesting inquiries that I haven't revisited for the past two years but as I tatted up answers to her various questions I had very strong de ja vu. I had tried it all before, and abandoned most of it.

The Answers to her questions look like this: :)

#2 is the "Right way" done according to my pattern as written. It has some "uncustomary" methods but it's what does the trick consistently.

Hopefully I will be able to lay it all out and share it soon. I feel I owe something FREE to the Tatting community that I love so much. Seriously.

Any one else want to test tat it?Link

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Looks a lovely little pattern