A Request creates some New designs

I had a customer request a larger flower for her baby's blessing. I didn't have any white flowers on hand that were larger than the one I originally presented to her so I took the challenge to create something new or at least something that wasn't part of my traditional offerings.

The original white flower, great for general use but I can see why she wanted something more:

The results, un-jeweled:

She chose the largest one and jeweled it looks like so.

The size difference is about a half an inch, which makes a lot of difference in a Tattie.

In the mean time I enjoyed the challenge and I really like the one in the middle and just need to work out some kinks to get it to lay flat, the first one worked out well, but repeat attempts with slight changes aren't rendering the same results. Tat, tat, tat, re-tat. :)

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