Watercolor resist

The series I did of my kids... I will wait till the youngest (who is still waiting to be born) is a little older and probably re-do Nev's when I do one for him.


A. M. Schaer said...

These are some of the best watercolor resists I have ever seen.

What medium did you use for the resist?

Coretta of corettadeesign said...

Thank you.

It is a paint on friskit (resist) called Miskit by Grumbacher. Below is a link to dick blick art supply.

I have one more child now so I need to do another one and I actually need to buy more so this search was beneficial to me as well.

The miskit was about 10 years old when I did the last one (blue purple) and you can see it was not as clean as a resist as the first two. As I mentioned I plan to re-do hers to match the age as the first two, less baby more herself look.