Tatties Turns ONE: Giveaway!

Happy Birthday Tatties!
Today is the anniversary of the day the first Tattie was worn. Want to see it?

Tatties are one year old today.
This girl continues to be my inspiration she's just over a year old and still uses them.

She also likes to pull them out of their little purse.

How Tatties came to be:
This little girl was born.

The nurses put a purple bow on her lil head.

My husband asked how they got it to stick. The nurse told him KY and showed us a tube of this:

We took the little gal home.

I have tatted for about 5 years and had a little tatted pink flower hanging around that I planned to use on a card for embellishment. I had picked up some swarovski crystals for jewelry making before the gal was born and decided to put it on the flower. Bling! Lovely. So when I had to take my little one in for a jaundice test I got her all dressed up and used some KY to put the Tattie on her head. Better than the bow! I took the opportunity to take a pic of all the kids.

And since then Tatties have expanded to different shapes and colors and are worn by various types of people. Cancer patients, baby girls, older girls and Mommies too! Can you just imagine how fabulous they'd look on a bride?! They are used in scrapbooking, cardmaking and jewelry as well. there are even knock offs.... /:{

corettadeesign is giving away some Tatties!
Because it's our birthday, but we know there are lots of other birthdays out there that could use a little Tattie bling!
We are giving away a Tattie: This one right here, same as the First Tattie

If this Post gets more than 20 comment/entries I will give away another Tattie
This one: The original Butterfly Tattie

And if Tatties Facebook fan page gets more than 20 new Fans I will give away this Set of Tatties:

Just like at a birthday party there are some things that I must explain to you (like sit back so everyone can see):
Everyone gets one entry through the blog by leaving a comment.
You can Tweet it if you want, but I don't tweet.... so no extra entry there, sorry. :)
Become a Fan on Facebook by clicking there on the right and you get an extra entry.
Already a fan of Tatties on facebook, that's awesome! you get an entry right there, I won't forget you early followers. (Just be sure you leave a comment so that I know you want to be included in the give away!)

The winner/s will be picked the day this picture was taken:

Just so you know: April 25th I will post the winner/s and how to send me your address so I can send you your giftie!

Also be sure to check out my Etsy store as all Tatties are on sale
Let the fun begin!
So, share friends share, spread the Tattie love and let your friends know about the giveaway and Tatties in general. It's Spring and Summer and Tattie Season!


Unknown said...

Love, love, love the tatties! Hope I win :) Danielle Winborg

Cori said...

Awesome, Coretta! Congratulations and good luck with your give-away!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Tatties!!

Kim said...

My sister is having a baby girl in August. that sure would look cute on her!

[Morgan] said...

i don't have a baby girl.
um, or a baby i guess either:)
but, i sure would be happy to gift a tattie to the many friends i've got with baby girls if i win!
happy birthday tatties!

Margo said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. My aunt used to tat and taught my cousins and my mother. I have never been able to do it. It is a special talent and not many I know have it. Great job!!! I love the butterfly! :O)

Beverly {Flamingo Toes} said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog and for letting me know about your contest.
I really like the tatties and the pictures of your family are adorable.
I'd love to win!

Brandon and Lesli said...

Coretta, those are so cute! What an ingenious idea! I'd take the knock offs as a compliment - count me in:)

Julia said...

Cute little things, I like the butterfly especially.


Victoria said...

Happy birthday!!! Enter me please! :)


Victoria said...

I'm a fan on FB as Victoria Rom

fisiwoman said...

Sign me up ^^ and happy birthday!

Ana Belén R.M

fisiwoman said...

Following on facebook (Ana Belén R M)

Wehaf said...

Happy birthday! Those are beautiful!

urchiken at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

There's a new baby girl here, one week old!

We sure wish we will be told...
"You're a winner of this treasure",
And a photo will be my pleasure!!

very married said...


this is SO clever! I hope I win!

anne said...

Cutie Tattie will be nice for my niece!

Anne M.

Damla said...

So cute! I hope I win. Thanks.

annabell_lee_dk (at)

Annie said...

So cute! Congratulations! :)


Hayley said...

These are so cute! What a fun giveaway! Happy Birthday!

Ginger said...

Cute blog post!! Your photos and tatties are adorable. I like that they can be used as embellishments and jewelry too;)
cyclona66(at)aol dot com

fede said...

i love them!!

fede said...

and i've just become a fb fan :)

Barbara said...

those tatting designs are so cute!!!! That's one craft that I wish that I could do!!!

Barbara said...

I think that I was able to fan you on facebook!!!
Barb Stewart

Anne said...

tatties are adorable! my 5 month old is still a baldie this would be great :)
annemolino at hotmail dot com

Anne said...

FB fan

Angie Judd said...

I'm in! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Tatties I have already and want to add more to what my baby girl wears. :)

Unknown said...

I love tatties! Happy Birthday!! Thanks for helping me with my inspiration to create some!

Erin said...

These are so cute Coretta! I really need to learn how to tat! Hope I win! My little girl is pretty bald and these would be so cute on her!

Lyudmila said...

Very interest thing!
Enter me, please!


The Draxler Days said...

My ever talented Coretta friend! Look how quick I am!

Neugebauers said...

Tatties are the perfect accessory for our new baby girl! With everything else to worry about with a newborn it has been so convenient to simply put a Tattie on her head and have her still look cute and feel comfortable. They are much more convenient than the big flower headbands. Even if we aren't going out to see people, we can put a Tattie on her at home and not worry if it is uncomfortable for her.
It is the perfect combination of elegance for a girl, but keeps comfort in mind. And a comfortable baby cries less.