Bookmark and bracelet

So I mentioned that for International Tatting Day that I would tat myself a new bookmark. My old one was black. I stuck with the same pattern because quite frankly, I love it, but this time I did chocolate brown. It is Carolyn Groves' pattern.

I got almost all of it done on ITD but had about half a square to finish which happened the day after. It is now hanging out in the book I am reading. While I was finishing it I was thinking about what to make for my Sis inLaw's birthday, and since her birthday fell on ITD I had to tat her something as a gift. She chose a bracelet... or a portrait of her husband (that last one was a joke, I hope). I thought the bookmark would make a cool bracelet so I added in some other colors that she chose and added some picots and here's where it is currently.

I am thinking on how to clasp it and get it the right length to fit her wrist. It's a wide style of bracelet... and I am thinking I might like one too. I tat a lot, but other people always end up with it. I keep very little for myself.
Here's the bracelet in process with the completed bookmark, the pattern called originally for more squares but I like shorter bookmarks.

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