When presented with a Choice...

What would you choose? I don't typically post the comps, because they are unfinished work (and I think intellectual theft is EVIL, esp being a victim of it), but the idea here is relevant and examples illustrate better the point.

I recently finished some wedding announcements. Typically people don't know exactly what they want. That's where a designer comes in handy. We all like choices. When I do announcements I like to give a few comps, typically 4, for the decision challenged (this seems to include all of us). This kind of guidance has really proved helpful to gauge what the client wants and usually one comp is a home run. Then I work on the mini cards to match. Since I know what design the client likes these cards are easy to get right on. Typically most of the time spent on a job is spent on the comps, research and exploration is the best use of time and energy. The amount we gain is directly related to end result. So what did this couple choose? Next post. Along with the cards to match and any edits that they requested. You will see next time that changes are pretty minimal from the comps to the finished product because of the energy spent getting it right in the first place.

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