Blank Canvas

We recently finished our basement. This means I have bare walls begging for art. The way we finished the walls says fairytale to me. So I think a series is in order. My plan is a fairy tale series presented more iconic-ly rather than literally. In order to do this the right way though I need to go back to the original fairy tale... or at least as far as Grimm rather than Disney. See what I'm saying. I am happy to include nursery rhymes as well. Gary really likes the wood cut I did... however I don't have a press or the tool necessary to do it all wood cut. I also don't think I will use human figures. So I have some thinking and planning to do. I plan to do in color at this point.

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Andy Porter said...

That wood cut is so great! I love it! Thanks for commenting on my blog, it gave me a chance to check out all of your do so many things!! It's amazing!! I'm jealous that your basement is done...I love bare walls, so inviting! Good luck with your baby!!