Tat a Monument in Pink

I don’t have a lot of tatting time. But I wanted to join in this world wide effort. I finally tatted up six squares that met the 3mm requirement after some adjustments to the original pattern.
My first one was too small. So I added a stitch to all counts.

I also tried a pattern designed by Muskaan for the purpose. She has more than this one and there are others people have shared on Cathy’s Facebook page. This one turned out smallest of them all. I just tat very tight. So I added 2ds to all counts to Cathy’s design and arrived at the right size for my tatting. 
For the 6 I sent in I used all the same variegated Lizbeth thread 176 Pink Blossoms. The second one pictured above was tatted with a gifted thread on a spool, I’m not sure what it is, other than it’s not cotton. It is somewhat resistant, where cotton locks in this had a tendency to loosen a stitch, so you’d think it would have turned out the right size since it by virtues of its characteristics made my tatting looser. It was a bit hard to close rings (again because my tight stitches created a bind in the wound (not braided thread) but I did like it. Also I wasn’t doing quite the right join all the time in the center of it so it’s a bit wonky. But all learning experiences to arrive at 6 nicely uniform squares. 

They are of course a drop in the bucket. But they are my drop and they matter.
They arrived at their destination today. 
I snatched the photo from Cathy’s Facebook page of today’s arrivals. Mine is there in the middle far right. 

The deadline has been extended till the end of March. I am consumed by other projects right now but if I have a moment for a small motif I will try to add to my contribution. 

Do you tat? If you do, please consider making a contribution of your tatting. You can see the introductory video here: 


Jane McLellan said...

Well done! I don't think enough attention is paid to tension in tatting. Here, where dimensions were important, it shows up that we don't all tat the same. In knitting especially there is an emphasis on tension, but tatting not so much.

Madtatter80 said...

Something is so beautiful, when seeing all the little squares all stacked up in a row :)

muskaan said...

Every drop is precious, every drop counts :-)

Very interesting comparison of tension! Couple of years back I had this idea of including a sample ring with exact dimensions in patterns where measurements matter (as in Inchies), so that a tatter could adjust her tension accordingly.