Integrity Doily

I was asked once what shape my name was.
What color is it?

Think about it what color would your name be? What shape?

I decided my name would be a yellow triangle. I don't even like yellow, not really. But that's what it sounds like. It has sharp sounds like a triangle and is unique and bright, it kinda sends up alert flags when you see it for the first time. How many times have I been sitting waiting for roll to be read off and I simply raise my hand when there is a long pause? All my life. I'm good with it.

So when I set a goal to design a doily in tatting for Personal Progress I listed out what that value meant to me in my journal, what color it was, what shape, what it represented, what it was composed of.

Guys, Integrity is purple. It's the royal color, of loyal and royal bloodlines, it's one of the most sought after values in the world. It is the heart of all other virtues and values. It's living your truth, it's living God's standard in everything. I know of one person who had it down solid in their life: Jesus Christ.

Integrity is purple, and it's a triangle. Why a triangle? It represents the Godhead, it represents our relationship to God among other things. To me it is also a knot, an unending knot. A Celtic knot. So in the very center of the doily I created a Celtic knot to build from. Then I encompassed it.
I worked at it.
It took on a triangular shape again. I have it in my head to keep building on it but first I need to write down the pattern already there. For the time being it met the parameters I set for myself to complete the project in time. Now, just like the value it represents I need to keep working at it.

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Margarets designer cards said...

I love your pattern and a very didpfferent feel with the middle. I look forward to seeing more of your pattern.