Recently on inTatters I participated in an exchange where I was supposed to pick a technique, learn it and tat something with it to send to a partner. I chose Cluny and hanging Cluny. I have not yet mastered it... and after seeing so many other's work on this skill and how lovely they did I am sad and ashamed.... When I told my husband this, he said I just needed more practice. It's true. But I am posting pics of my efforts anyway because a fellow tatter got it in the mail, so if she has to suffer it... so do you. :) Actually, putting it here will remind me to practice it.

My partner for the exchange worked on a whole bunch of fun techniques, Cluny among them. Here is what I received from her. The little blue one I had added to my tatting bag's zipper as it was in need of some attention. It has a nice home there. She did a lovely job.

Here is what she was unfortunate enough to get from me. ;)

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