My husband says I am obsessed...

My husband said this weekend that I was obsessed with tatting. He might be right.
This last weekend we had our fourth child.
I had a undefined goal in the back of my mind. I wanted to finish a wreath and a four leaf clover before he was born. The wreath was easy, I was just getting settled in, paperwork and the like. Then came the Shamrock.

Now, that's not hard time wise... but here's the challenge, I was in good labor by then...
and I am one of those nutty people who like to do it "natural."

No matter. So between contractions I tatted, and in some cases un-tatted, when I counted wrong or missed a join or whatever. I tatted in transition. Not because I am awesome... but because I am obsessed... apparently. It helped me concentrate on something else and I completed the goal... other than pulling the last ring tight because my hands were too sweaty by that point and I was ready to push. I think I have pretty easy labors.

So here is baby Gideon and his Lucky Shamrock.

This Tattie isn't for sale though... (like you'd want it anyway). It's going in Gideon's baby book.


Anonymous said...

Aww, so precious is your Gideon. Congrats. I love your plane too. Happy Tatting!!

Anonymous said...

That's too cute!!

Congrats on Gideon.

You're tatting looks nice - I still need to finish my TIAS! I'll probably be the last one to turn it in! *GAsp :-S