Pink and Brown

The adorable color set that now decorates a large selection of baby girl clothes is pink and brown.

I'll admit, I agree, it is super cute. In fact, I purchased a pair of pink and brown jammies for my lil gal just becuase I liked them, I never do that, there always has to be a need for me to buy clothes for my kids (thankfully we've been set on the hand me downs most of the time).

Anyway here are a few pink and browns listed on Etsy.

And some others that I have recently finished tatting, though the crystals haven't been set on them all yet, though I am sure you can guess where they go. Not all of them will be listed on Etsy so if you want a specific one, speak up. :)

I also had a little brain child today, because of the fact that I am pregnant with a little boy and wanted to make up a turtle pattern the brown tatted item on top in the next picture is my first attempt at that. The second is another part of that brain child to produce a different flower. The flower I feel like is a straight off success I'll keep thinking on the turtle.

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