Another reason to Tat (as if I needed one)

Last year I started a doily out of Christmas variegated thread to use under a nativity set I made. I never finished the doily. I was making it up as I went along... It probably would have worked, but at some point, a child who shall remain un-blamed/ un-named smeared the thing with pink chap-stick. I was frustrated and threw it in a laundry bag to wash it... but washed it with a bunch of towels. Fuzzies stuck to it.

I thought it was a bigger deal than it was and I almost threw it out. But was just starting to get use out of my pottery kiln and thought it might be good as a stencil or something. As it worked out the fuzzies weren't a big deal. I ironed the doily and picked off the fuzzies and when I glazed a set of serving plates I used it as a glaze stencil.

Then I clear glazed it and fired it. The worst part about ceramics is waiting for the kiln to cool off enough to open it and touch the finished pieces. Maybe this is just me and my lack of patience or excitement to see finished pieces.

I did a set of three serving plates using the tatting as a stencil. My idea was Christmas serving plates that weren't red and green so they could be pretty and useful all year round.

The blue tatting reminds me of snowflakes on the white plates.
I am thrilled with them and look forward to using tatting in raw clay.

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