Tatting and practical Appliqué

Using tatting for appliqué isn't a new idea, however, I haven't done a whole lot of it myself. The other day though my little gal got a pair of hand me down pants that she really likes. (Yes, the 18 month old has a very definite opinion on clothes.) The pants were getting pretty thread bare in one of the knees.
They needed a patch but if I just put a denim patch on it, they would certainly become her least favorite pants... so I pulled out an experimental tatting piece, that had too much a mind of it's own to be successfully used as a Tattie (I tried) and cut a piece of denim from another pair of junked pants. I placed the denim on the inside and the tatting on the outside and hand sewed it on while the kids played in the park. Since I'd tried it as a Tattie it already had a crystal affixed to the center of it.
This little gal LOVES her Tatties so when I showed her her finished pants, she loved them even more and had to have them on right then and back on the swings!

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Becky Jones said...

You're so talented. I've never seen a cuter"patch" on a knee!!!