This one goes to Gina

This one was a long time in thought, and thankfully not as long to tat. It's been a busy sort of time but I haven't forgotten, I've been testing things out. The clasp used on this bracelet doesn't have an open/close end. It's a solid ring. I wanted that because I think it will hold better and be longer lasting. The challenge for me was to figure out how to tat it onto the piece with more than one picot holding the clasp to the work. The magnetic clasp is fabulous since it does itself which I find is the problem with getting bracelets on, you always need help and help isn't always there.

Don't tell me I have man hands, one: it is rude and two: I have mom hands. :) I think the bracelet is charming enough that I took the time to make one for myself too.

You can request your own, just let me know the size of your wrist. For now I think they will go for $16.99.

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