Edging from Clark's J & P Coats pattern book # 229

In 1946 this little pattern book cost 10 cents.

I paid more for that on Ebay. That's the deal with vintage. In today's world we don't use edging so much any more. I guess that's what is the lost part of Tatting being called a "lost art."

For the record, it isn't lost. I found it, if you want it come talk to me. :)

Today tatters typically make doilies and booties, and little pretties for embellishing cards and such, they also tat for lace jewelry and other fantastic accessories. Tatters these days are always finding new uses for the art.

I personally like tatted bookmarks, I never used a bookmark till I tatted myself one. Now, of course, I am hooked. And my husband is too. You can tat a manly bookmark, just so you know. I bought a few vintage tatting books, because as a Tatter, I should own at least 6 tatting books, and I thought some vintage ones would be a fun way to start a collection. I bought the older ones knowing they were mostly edging, and thinking that if for nothing else they would be good patterns for bookmarks.

Now, this particular edging makes a lovely bookmark I think.

It ended up as a gift to a friend.

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