Tatting has it's own Day!

It may seem like a joke since it falls on April Fool's day, but it's no joke.

See that little box on the right? yup the facebook one? Become a fan and tomorrow you get FREE shipping at my Etsy store. I will refund you the difference via paypal.

AND if you are wishing you could tat, check out Tatting Chic's blogoversary give away! I've been Tatting for about 5 years and I still don't own a tatting book so I would love one.

I will celebrate Tatting Day by making myself another bookmark since my beloved one accidentally was gifted to one of my fellow public library patrons. I will probably also refine my design for a Chick. No picture yet.

And I participated in InTatter's Pendant exchange. Here's what I received.

Lovely is it not? She dyed her own thread, even my husband noticed the way the colors were all nicely spaced. The picture isn't that great at showing how colorful it really is. I love it and now I know who to hit up for Tatting on a plastic ring. I can't wait to try it again. I made for her a blue fluttery Butterfly pendant from the last post.

Also I found a neat-o site for Cluny. I have never cared for them but I saw her stuff and I think I may just learn it. I think her blog is in French so when I get over looking at her pretty pictures I will ask my husband to translate for me.


Unknown said...

Happy International Tatting Day! Enjoy Tatting and Eating Chocolate today! :)
Thanks for the shoutout and because you made a second comment on my blogoversary blogpost I know you have a second entry! YAY! Good luck to you in the drawing!
~TattingChic ♥

craftlicious said...

lovely tatting work

and thanks for stopping by my blog and lovely comment