Butterfly Hair clip

There is a little girl that I adore. She isn't even mine. For her birthday I decided to try something new. It took me longer than planned and a month after her birthday I finally gave my gift. Now my own daughter wants one. I really should get on that. The wings come from a book by Monica Hahn (Christmas Angels and other Tatting Patterns), I can't say the same for the body and antenna because I didn't understand the instructions for it, so I made up my own.
Here's the little gal wearing her new butterfly hair clip.

I first had the Tatted Wings with a red body. It was a no go.

So I undid that and made the body black also modifying the pattern a little for longer antennae. I added a set of crystals to the lower portion of the wings.

I put red velvet ribbon on the clip and then attached the butterfly actually sewing the butterfly to the clip: I worked hard and long on the tatting I don't want hot glue to fail me.

Gosh I might even want one.