Tatting firsts and Creations

Often while I tat Zurich will play with one of my shuttles or the small pieces I have tatted. One day he kept picking up butterfly after butterfly and throwing it back down, "Ahcah!" He was disgruntled that none of them were helicopters. So I set out to make him a tatted helicopter.
I used the little fishy pattern by Sharon Albers as a base, though since I have used it in various ways since first looking it up I only refrenced what was in my head and not the actual pattern. I used two really long picots on the top and on the bottom to little picots for the wheels. After completing the design I tied the two top picots together which makes them spin out to the sides and look like propellers. Zurich was thrilled and I didn't even have to tell him what it was. :)

Here's Zurich admiring his new tiny helicopter. He's very careful about it too, meaning, when he is done playing with it he brings it to me and says, "ahcah cleam up." He wants me to put it up high somewhere safe. Then he comes and asks for it later, "Ahcah?" and squints his eyes and shoves his head down into his shoulders and pinches his fingers toghether. It cracks me up.

This was my first tatting done with beads... yup, I've been tatting for about 4 years and just barely used beads. I just never saw the need for them before. I saw a lot of patterns with them and liked them better without the beads. But this one made sense to me. I got this from a pattern from a book my sister let me borrow. "Tatted Snowflakes" by Vida Sunderman. However, I again, modified the pattern from the original. Since I didn't like the way they used the beads. So it's a bit different than the pattern. I used it as an ornament and ended up making two and giving them away.

And this was my first 3D tatting. A little umbrella ornament. I think it is SO adorable. I ended up giving this one away too. I actually followed this pattern and stiffened it aroud a lightbulb. This two came from a book my sister lent me Christmas Angels and Other Tatting Patterns by Monica Hahn.

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