Not to be left out

I have a 5 year old girl who didn't want to be left out when it came to getting something special made for her by Mom. She likes to wear the Tatties to church and school. Sometimes she will request something in particular. I don't get many pictures of her wearing them because she doesn't like to pose. For some reason it's harder to get her to hold still for a picture than it is the 10 month old.

A while ago she asked for a blue flower to match her shirt. Bless her she asked for it the day before she wanted to actually wear it. By the time I got her to hold still the next morning she already had coat and back pack on ready to go. :)

For Christmas I made us matching outfits and this little gal requested a yellow star to wear with her outfit. She said she wanted it to match her sister's flower, but not be copying.

Often the ones I end up making for her specifically are a larger size.

Karo syrup works to stick them in abundant hair. We've lost lots of hair clips, but never a Tattie.

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Bird said...

How beautiful are your little creations, and the hair clips are cute too! :)

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