Tips for Tatties

When applying a Tattie, cover the entire back of the design with adhesive of your choice.

If you are having trouble using KYgelly or surgical jelly watch this video for the trick, it's an extra step but it is worth it in hot weather. Also KY gelly takes longer to dry than Surgical gelly (available at Walgreens for about $2.something for a large tube).

If your child has a fever and you typically use Karo syrup, it's time to temporarily trade adhesives since Karo syrup gets more liquid when overly warm. This may also be necessary when it's particularly hot and your baby is sweating a lot.

Obviously, as with anything small, once it is off your child's head remove from child's reach. Do not let child suck on a Tattie.

If you notice a Tattie is loose, remove it to avoid loosing it.

Keep Tatties in the ziplock bag they came in or other suitable container.

Carry a travel size bottle of Karo syrup (or adhesive of your choice) in your diaper bag for quick reapplication.

Occasionally throw Tatties in a Zippered laundry bag and throw in the regular wash cycle. This seems especially useful if you use Karo or Elmers glue as your primary adhesive.

After removing a Tattie, rinse off old adhesive from Tattie pres between towel and let dry so it is ready for next use.

Do not soak a tattie. They can be washed but not soaked.

Tatties may not be suitable for children who can reach the top of their head and are prone to sticking things in their mouth. This might apply to children between the ages 9 months to 3 years. If you would like to use Tatties on these ages just make sure you remove the Tattie before putting a child down for a nap, bed, etc. This works for my 11 month old.

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