Against the grain

I realize that I am going against the grain with these Tatties since the IN thing now is HUMONGOUS floral arrangements for a baby girl's head. I'm just not into that. I like the delicate and graceful elegance.

Especially for baby girls of the bald persuasion (but also great for girls with a little hair, or deep hairlines as well). Each is set with a Genuine Austrian Crystal. They are tatted out of 100% Cotton thread.

People tell me what is so great about a Tattie:
It’s always on. Unlike a headband (that snags on things and comes off or gets twisted around, or falls off during all the repositioning of holding a baby) it stays on through clothing changes, holding, touching, snuggling etc.
It always looks great.
It’s easy to put on and take off. Instructions for application and removal with the gel (ky gelly) can be found here:
but Karo syrup and Elmer's glue are also water soluble, come off easy and stick great.
Easy to care for: To wash simply rinse off by hand and press between a towel to get excess water out and let dry. Ocassionally you can throw it in a zippered laundry bag and send it through washing machine, this may be more necessary if you are using Elmers glue.
You can apply a Tattie when it is still damp.
It’s unique.
It’s delicate and girly.
It’s obvious, catches the eye and a great way to avoid people’s questions about whether my baby (who is dressed in pink) is a boy or a girl.
It’s not overbearing.
Totally reusable, and reusable and reusable.
They aren't very thick so they can also be used as a scrapbooking / card making embellishment.

Hand tatted out of 100% cotton thread and set with Genuine Austrian Crystal.

You can purchase through Etsy or soon you will be able to buy direct ($ savings).

1 comment:

[Morgan] said...

very cute.
i'm all for anything cute. even the flowers.
although, i saw one that was SO big on etsy the other day. literally the same size as the poor childs head. ha ha ha. that girl will have neck problems:)
these are very cool.