Fonts for fun

I posted on my personal blog about this a while back, and I think it needs to be included here because it's one of those design/ hobby/ fun things.
A cheap alternative to the font programs out there for those who don't want to pay for a full font editing program, and don't need that clean lined font... but who want to play around. And really who doesn't?

It's easy, and fast all you need is printer scanner and a nice pen... or an editing program, and a pdf reader. I used this site to make fonts for the kids I taught preschool to, from their handwriting. A major hit with the parents to have their handwriting preserved this way just at the point where they learned to write their letters. I also did three different versions (moods) of my own handwriting, I had my husband do it too which came in handy for our anniversary book this year ( I might post about that later).

update July 2009: They got the hint... and now are charging $10 for the service, glad I cashed in on it when I did.

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