Head Switching

He looks good in this one and I look good in this one.... Don’t worry! We can fix that.

The best picture of the bride and groom were actually on two separate photos, instead of settling for one to have a better representation than the other the best of both was combined in the final invitation. It may be subtle but makes a difference, plus the tilt of his head makes the couple seem cozier. Color, brightness, pixel softening makes faces look warmer and more inviting. Background edits were included to ease the reading of the text while still capturing the background that was descriptive of this couple’s hobbies and personalities and adding attention to the real focus, the couple. I've done more dramatic head switches but this is just an example so you get an idea. The source images I used are on an abnormal negative format and I am having trouble finding someone who will make prints off it.

I really enjoy putting together photos and having no one be the wiser, and yet all being happy.

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Mrs J said...

You are so good! I really loved what you did on these, and like you said, no one could tell. Thank you so much for your great work!