Tatting Bs

I've been working on bookmarks,
Tatted in Lizbeth size 20 colors #647 &#656 Mary Konior Pattern

My original Pattern Tatted in size 10 Aunt Lydia's light Peach

and a baby carriage (The finished product of TIAS).

and next I'll be tatting some Boots.

hmmmm that's a lot of Bs for some reason. Did I tat something that doesn't start with B?


 Bleeding hearts
Adapted from Lori B.'s Pattern

Ball Flowers in blue...

I still want to tat a bumble bee....

 I also finally got my exchange tatted up and sent off. I got the loot on the top and sent off the stuff on the bottom. I love exchanges, it always comes with good ideas, beautiful work and often presents. :)

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WhiteFire Coaching - "Live the Life You Want!" said...

I must confess I have love the bleeding heart pattern, do you sell the pattern? I think it would make lovely earrings.