Nev Mermaid

My almost three year old little girl is a major fan of all things mermaid, so of course I had to make sure we added Disney's Little Mermaid to our DVD library. She loves it obviously. I recently was talking to a friend about my art and spent some time going through some of my old pieces, some unfinished which is sad. It got me wondering how I would do at it these days since I haven't spent much time with it since getting married. I have found I have a small bit more time in my day now that the baby is older. So the other day I decided to pull out the old sketch book. Practice up, prove to my self I could still draw, etc. It's been a while, a long while. So while my little one stared glassy-eyed at the adventures of the red-haired wistful mermaid I transformed her into a mermaid.


Tori said...

LOVE it!!! You wanna draw for me? Doesn't pay anything, but we could split sales. ^_^ Obviously NOT right now... but still.

Danielle Winborg @Sugar Blossom Boutique said...

good job, Coretta! I couldn't ever do that, that's for sure! keep it up :) it's something she'll treasure forever!