This is something I get a kick out of... I may not be a trained photographer (other than what I learned from my dad and a photo class in High School. However, what I learned from my dad should actually be worth something... he is a trained photographer), but what I don't get the first time I can usually fix by computer. This has come in handy quite often, when working on Wedding announcements, design projects and just general photo touch-up. Especially since I am not always the photographer. This is really where I can add to your design needs because you don't have to have a professional photographer. I do this kind of thing so often. I also do a lot of head switching which is sometimes quite a challenge but with the right photos it works well. The first time I had to seriously do a head switch was my own wedding announcement. I don't have the original file that I used, I need to find someone who develops square format film so I can scan the original files so I can show a comparison. Recently I fixed this image to match another image since the two would be hung side by side. As you can see the original image is rather washed, and lacking contrast. The one that I matched it to had a vignette that I added as well.

Edited set

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